Key Players

Original Judge
Margo Brodie (Obama appointee)

Replacement/Current Judge
Eric Komitee (Trump appointee)

White Brooklyn Prosecutors

Jonathan Siegel
Gillian Kassner
Dylan Stern

Read About Siegel, Kassner and Stern's Racial Records -- Despite being in increasingly white Brooklyn, they have prosecuted Black and Brown people 90% of the time with no repercussions

Unethical OZY / Watson Competitors

Ben Smith, Former BuzzFeed #2

As the #2 person at BuzzFeed, Smith was part of the effort to buy OZY in 2019.  He quit in frustration in 2020 and attacked Watson/OZY in 2021 without disclosing his attempt to buy OZY or access to privileged materials. Nor did he disclose his continuing stock options in BuzzFeed, a company attempting to go public at the time that OZY was rising. Smith admitted in his book that he and others lied about traffic, audience, and financials. But, as of yet, no charges by white Brooklyn prosecutors Jonathan Siegel, Gillian Kassner, and Dylan Stern have been filed though they live and work in the same neighborhood as Smith, prompting charges of a cover up. #TooWhiteToProsecute

Jonah Peretti, CEO BuzzFeed

Along with Ben Smith, Peretti tried to buy OZY in 2019. Peretti faces credible allegations of lying to investors; lying to advertisers; $2B fraud scheme and investor loss; stock options fraud; and self-enrichment. But no charges have been brought by white Brooklyn prosecutors Jonathan Siegel, Gillian Kassner and Dylan Stern although BuzzFeed is based right around the corner from their Brooklyn office, while OZY is based on the other side of the country in California. #TooWhiteToProsecute.

Shane Smith, Former CEO VICE

According to Wired ("VICE was built on lies"), Shane Smith started VICE by lying to the Canadian welfare agency to improperly get money to start the media company.  The lies kept coming and, according to Wired, New York magazine, and other outlets, Smith faces credible criminal allegations including allegedly lying to investors and advertisers, a $5B fraud scheme, self-dealing and enrichment to buy mansions and yachts, and a vast sexual assault cover up.

Read VICE Media Was Built on a Bluff (New York Magazine).

Despite detailed evidence and the fact that VICE is literally located less than two miles from Brooklyn prosecutors Jonathan Siegel, Gillian Kassner and Dylan Stern (while black-owned OZY is based 3000 miles away on the other side of the country in California), the three white prosecutors have refused to prosecute their fellow white Brooklynite. #TooWhiteToProsecute

Defense Team

Iconic Harvard Law Professor Ron Sullivan

A former DC Public Defender and professor at Yale Law School, Ron Sullivan now leads the Criminal Justice program at Harvard. A distinguished trial lawyer and innocence advocate, Professor Sullivan is credited with overturning more wrongful convictions than perhaps anyone in history. “Entrepreneuring while black cannot be a crime.”

Famed Investigator Luke Brindle-Khym

Famed for helping free Meek Mill and Adnan Syed (Serial podcast), Brindle-Khym’s team led the data analysis that revealed that white Brooklyn prosecutors Jonathan Siegel, Gillian Kassner and Dylan Stern have targeted black and brown people 90% of the time over the last five years in increasingly white Brooklyn. Sullivan wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland asking for urgent review of both Watson’s case and the entire case file of the white prosecutors.